15/12/14 to 17/12/14
JRC, Ispra

COIN and DDG01 Econometrics and Applied Statistics Unit is honored and pleased to invite you all to three lectures which will be given by Dr. David Kaplan, Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The lectures are open to anyone with an interest on Bayesian statistics, causal inference and missing data issues in large-scale surveys. There are no registration fees.

22/09/14 to 26/09/14
Ispra, Italy

The 12th JRC Annual Training on Composite Indicators and Multicriteria Decision Analysis (COIN 2014), 22-26 September 2014, Ispra, Italy, will be based on the lessons learnt from the conceptual and statistical analysis of 60+ well-known composite indicators, conducted by the JRC upon request of the index developers. The training is open to anyone with an interest on multidimensional measures, multicriteria analysis and evidence-based policy making. There are no registration fees.

16/09/14 to 17/09/14

Stano P., Saisana M., "Monitoring Climate Change: Indicators and Pitfalls" Oral presentation in: International workshop on Challenges for the Monitoring and Observation of the Impacts of Climate Ch

15/09/14 to 17/09/14

Athanasoglou S. Key methods in constructing (spatial) composite indicators.

30/06/14 to 1/07/14

Saisana M. Validating IUCN's Environment and Gender Index.

24/06/14 to 27/06/14

Saisana M. Variance-based sensitivity methods - A case study on composite indicators.

6/04/14 to 11/04/14

Saltelli A, Becker W, Saisana M, Paruolo P. Sobol’s sensitivity indices beyond sensitivity.

10/02/14 to 11/02/14

Saltelli A, Saisana M. Policy uses of composite indicators. Oral presentation in: e-Frame 2014; 10 February 2014; Amsterdam (NL); European Commission (Organiser). 2014.

9/12/13 to 10/12/13

Saisana M. Multi-criteria Analysis for Impact Assessment. The Maximum Likelihood Approach. Oral presentation in: 4th Impact Assessment Course; 09 December 2013; Ispra; JRC (Organiser). 2013.

2/12/13 to 4/12/13

Weziak-Bialowolska D, Isac M. The Importance of Cross-National Construct Equivalence in International Large-Scale Assessments in Education - Evidence from ICCS 2009.